Exodrome – better than reality!

EXO was created as a blend of the best features from gaming and amusement industries

Most of the entertainment that is offered to the residents of the metropolis today has little difference from those that existed 10 or 20 years ago. But we live in the XXI century - in the age of augmented reality and digital technology. So why fill your leisure time familiar and commonplace, when there are great ways to "break pattern" and give new impressions?

amusement parks

Traditional amusement rides give us true
excitement of pure emotions and adrenaline
– they are truly breathtaking. As a result,
you always want to feel it again!

Computer games

Computer games allow players to participate
in, control the action and play together with
friends; i.e. they are truly interactive. As a
result, you always want to play more!

Exo — technology that works
Real sensations thanks to a 360-degree rotation and special effects of wind, lightning, water and sound
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Feel the excitement of playing computer games whilst on a roller coaster ride!
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Unlimited ideas for ExoGames gained from movies, books and computer games
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Name: Urname
Skil: 1000 level
Name: Urname
A Personal Online Account for every player
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A Modular Platform
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Can be installed within 4 hours in just about any location!
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ExoJet is able to operate in a vending style mode, thereby not requiring any additional dedicated staff
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Active participation of audience in the game
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Interaction with spectators allows the game players to gain bonus points and get additional in-game achievements.
We engage consumers using mobile applications
Exo Attractions are Interesting for people who play computer games, go to cinemas, bowling halls and amusement parks. You can make birthday parties with us, celebrate important events and festivals, becoming part of the big show! You can always be part of the game process using various gadgets and Exo-services.

Exo drome advantages

1 ExoDrome — 2 or more ExoJets connected (maximum 16)
2 Exo Drome is the new entertainment platform for gaming and competition
3 The excitement of competing with friends, the opportunity to participate in championships
4 Opportunity to monitor the gaming process
5 Opportunity to get the audience involved that can influence the gaming process
6 Compact amusement park in an urban setting

Become an exo partner

*One of the best Russian franchise according to Forbes in 2013, 2014 and 2015 best franchise in Russia in the entertainment industry according to Forbes.

We provide both hardware and software that gives an opportunity for quick game rotations and update
Automatic Online Control of your Business
We have flexible terms of franchisee
Our team brings together leading engineers and programmers
We have product communication network when different amusement rides are connected. That allows b2b clients to have various cross-promotional activities
We bring different generations together (there is target audience segments cover both teenage and adults)
Souvenir Products & Merchandise
We have our Exo attractions working in 16 countries
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Automatic Online Control of your Business Souvenir Products & Merchandise


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